AnyCasting LED Optics Catalogue

AnyCasting’s True Color Lens series has been applied to various products designed for LED lighting in a wide range of industrial environments. ​ The True Color Lens series is the product of optical design optimized for different user environments and ultra-precision molding, and new product ​will be added to the series continuously.​
AnyCasting’s LED Optic Solution Development is engaged in ongoing R&D on ultra-precision pattern-applied optical uniform color temperature. ​ AnyCasting is a proud supplier of high quality LED lighting lenses for different applications to meet the diverse needs of our clients. AnyCasting’s LED ​Optic Solution Department provides optical solutions suitable for the diverse application required by clients to help them to achieve their objectives ​quickly and efficiently.

Technical Resources​

  • Plexiglas 8N

    • [Plexiglas 8N] Datasheet
    • [Plexiglas 8N] MSDS
    • [Plexiglas 8N] RoHS
    • [Plexiglas 8N] UL Card
  • Makrolon 2407

    • [Makrolon 2407] Datasheet
    • [Makrolon 2407] MSDS
    • [Makrolon 2407] RoHS
    • [Makrolon 2407] UL Card
  • 1201-22

    • [1201-22] Datasheet
    • [1201-22] MSDS
    • [1201-22] RoHS
    • [1201-22] UL Card
  • 1303EP-22

    • [1303EP-22] Datasheet
    • [1303EP-22] MSDS
    • [1303EP-22] RoHS
    • [1303EP-22] UL Card
  • LEV1700KL

    • [LEV1700KL] Datasheet
    • [LEV1700KL] MSDS
    • [LEV1700KL] RoHS
    • [LEV1700KL] UL Card

Reference Library​

    • NEMA for OSRAM PKG
    • IESNA Roadway Classification